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Lindos Hotels


A success story with vertical increase of direct sales


Lindos Hotels is a chain of luxury resorts located in the island of Rhodes and enlisted in the top tourist enterprises in Greece.


Due to the constantly evolving dynamic of digital advertising, as well as the necessity of direct contact with clients emerged by the pandemic, the company aimed at the increase of its direct sales in target European countries.


The digital marketing strategy of the group was assigned to us by Lindos Hotels aiming to boost the image of Lindos Hotels in all digital channels and increase direct sales in targeted audience.


Three Sixty Marketing responded to the targets of Lindos Hotels by succeeding the boosting of the company in three pillars: Social media (organic posts), digital campaigns and email marketing.

  • At the beginning through Social Media (organic posts) the brand was communicated and the product was presented more targeted, resulting in the increase of organic engagement and the attraction of many followers.
  • Through Digital Campaigns we targeted at the increase of Brand Awareness and Brand Visibility of the company bringing the expected results.
  • While through Email Marketing Strategy the most direct targeting of visitors was pursued aiming at the attraction and increase of repeaters.


Based on the overall Digital Marketing Strategy applied, the following were achieved:

  • In Performance Marketing, the ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) reached the rate of 1491% on the overall 5 hotel units, while in each case it reached up to 4319% in a 9 month period. The overall increase of the company’s direct sales was attained at a very demanding year.
  • In Social Media Accounts followers and engagements were increased.
  • Through Email Marketing we approached an audience of thousands of visitors and achieved an average open rate 46% and average CTR 4.3%, double rates than the industry benchmark.


The satisfying results of Three Sixty Marketing urged the group to assign later to our company new projects such as: the reconstruction of 6 websites of units and the creation and management of the chain’s social media content. The gainful results of Three Sixty Marketing created a relation of trust with Lindos Hotels group and a constantly evolving cooperation.