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The Rhodian beer “Zythos” has conquered Greece!


  • In 2006 the soft drinks company “VAP P. KOUGIOS ABBE” has dynamically entered the brewery industry.
  • In the same year it started the first subcontracting beer production VAP on a 30L and 50L barrel.
  • In 2012 it bottled “ZYTHOS VAP” on 330ml and 500ml glass bottle, as well as 330ml and 500ml cans.


“VAP P. KOUGIOS ABBE” created a product that has already won the local market and anticipated to extent on national level and win a market share on Greek beers industry.


The mission of Three Sixty Marketing was to promote the new local product “ZYTHOS VAP” on a national level in the market creating distribution channels and make it recognizable and popular to consumers.


Based on a holistic communicative strategy, Three Sixty Marketing designed a campaign with the beloved island of Rhodes as a leader, drawing inspiration and legibility by the beauties of the land and connecting this destination with the Rhodian beer “ZYTHOS VAP”.


Assignment, design, delivery of advertising campaign and promotion of the company for television, radio broadcasting and release in social media. Complete digital strategy.

  • Video production with image taking of characteristic locations of the island, directing and selection of sound that comprise a strong local product with a character that will enter the market on national level.
  • Tagline creation that strongly connects beer with Rhodes.
  • Television distribution in big sports events such as Euro, Mundial, Final4, Eurobasket, Superleague and prime time shows such as Survivor, MasterChef etc.

Boosting of all the aforementioned with advertising campaigns in Social Media for which:

  • Selection of appropriate target of the campaign based on three general categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.
  • Selection of appropriate form of advertising for the attainment of the target (photography, video, story etc.)
  • Designation of the appropriate target audience with the introduction of parameters, such as location, age and other demographic details and interests.


The campaign results were spectacular:

  • Increase of Brand Awareness
  • Increase of users interaction for the respective social media (engagement rate)
  • Increase of trust to the company
  • We intensified the digital presence of Zythos VAP in all platforms, increasing visibility as well as overall brand sales

Let’s talk with numbers for the main message:

  • 3.5 million views in Facebook
  • 28 thousand likes
  • 11 thousand reposts
  • 22 thousands followers in Facebook page
  • 500.000 views on YouTube


“VAP P. KOUGIOS ABBE”, a company with leader presence in the Aegean, has trusted an ambitious plan to Three Sixty Marketing, which accomplished the company’s targets, setting the foundations for a successful and long term cooperation.