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Rodiaki is the biggest newspaper in South Aegean and one of the most famous national news media, with printed and online presence at the daily information.


The company approached us at their search of a partner for the administration and maintenance of the demanding website aiming at its boosting and constant optimization.


The Mission of Three Sixty Marketing on the first place was to become the firm and trusted partner of Rodiaki newspaper for all the issues of the website as well as to optimize as possible its performance.


The target of our company was within a few months to use optimization techniques that will assist at the performance and speed of the newspaper website in order to become more user friendly.

Our target was the increase of session duration (stay time of visitors), the improvement of all KPIs and the minimization of bounce rate.


  • In continuation of our cooperation Rodiaki assigned to us the creation from scratch of a new version of the newspaper’s website, whose backend was built in Laravel Framework.
  • At the same time we re-designed the User Interface focusing on User’s Experience.
    The design was based on the target, the needs and the mode through which the digital version of RODIAKI could satisfy most of its readers. Aiming at the handy operation of the website and reinforcing their positive impact we improved their general perception for RODIAKI.

Strategy applied:

  • We applied actions and operations in the design which are simple and concise resulting in a more convenient users’ experience.
  • We placed the content in strategic positions, in order to attract the attention and interest, while we provided various supportive operations, in order to maintain users’ interest.


The results from all the above produced:

  • The improvement of website’s performance and speed by 500%
  • Increase in website’s ranking.
  • For the first time unique users during June 2020 were 1.000.000
  • Within a 6 months period we achieved an increase of 500% compared with January 2020 that was the month that we started our cooperation.


Three Sixty Marketing is the partner we searched for all those years. With 24/7 support, a news website such as has the directness it needs. At a very short time period, the professionalism of Three Sixty Marketing team, won our trust in all of our steps, and much more at the creation of a new version of our website, that will shortly be available at your pc’s and mobile phones. All the targets we set with Three Sixty Marketing team have been attained and together we move forward to even bigger targets!

Liza Tsopanaki