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Digital Marketing for hotels to grow your business and maximize your sales.

Three Sixty Marketing is the only partner you will ever need to skyrocket your sales and establish your position in the luxury hotel market.

We plan and execute hotel marketing initiatives to reduce OTA commissions with your direct sales strategy and maximize your direct bookings.

Hotel Digital Marketing
With us, you will always have a supporting, trustworthy partner to help you with your:
1. Hotel Marketing Strategy and Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team develops your online and offline hotel 360̊ marketing strategy. We help you profile your ideal hotel customer, define your sales goals, and plan and execute the initiatives to achieve them.

2. Hotel Brand Identity

By creating a memorable brand identity, a compelling visual identity, and a logo, we showcase your hotel’s personality and values to your prospective guests.

3. Social Media Marketing for Hotels

We stay updated with the latest social media hotel marketing trends and features to raise brand awareness, increase visibility and boost direct sales. A well-planned social media calendar connects you with your guests twelve months a year.

4. Hotel Social Media Campaigns and Google Ads

Our performance marketing specialists create and run your Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube Ads as part of your overall hotel digital marketing strategy. Your investment brings measurable results through direct bookings.

5. Hotel Web Design and Development

At Three Sixty Marketing, we treat your website as your most important booking and communication platform. We deliver user-friendly, intuitive, mobile responsive design and fast load speed.

6. Hotel Influencer Marketing

Our people design and execute successful, tailor-made influencer campaigns to reach a larger audience and get qualified leads. We conduct influencer research and audit to find the right influencers for your brand and niche.

7. Hotel Email Marketing

By crafting email campaigns with messages that resonate, we nurture connections and maximize direct bookings. While running your email campaign, we monitor performance and make necessary changes.