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Port Royal

The art of maximizing results with minimum budget!


Port Royal is a top design hotel that combines an adults only, all-inclusive concept, in the Kolymbia area of Rhodes. It offers an ideal location that promises captivating sunsets while remaining budget friendly.

The key objectives of the digital campaign for Port Royal were:

  1. To shift bookings from OTA’s (booking, expedia etc.) to the hotel’s site in order to increase POI
  2. Brand awareness of the hotel & the Kolymbia area, in order to attract high income visitors from new markets (e.g. Scandinavia)
  3. The reduction of last minute bookings, which due to conditions and audience were quite a few last year and shifting them to the Early Bird Period.

The target countries for the campaign were:

  • Loyal Customers & Repeaters: UK, Switzerland, France, Germany
  • New Markets: Ireland, Scandinavia, USA, Israel, Austria, Ireland, Scandinavia, USA, Israel, Austria.

Based on the above objectives, an integrated digital 6-month client plan (November – April) was created, with campaigns on META, Tik Tok and Google.

The Targets KPIs for the campaign were:

  • ROAS > 15
  • > 16% of bookings from the cluster of new markets
  • > 65% occupancy for the high season until the end of April
  • +100% YoY of website contribution to total bookings


Our main challenge for this hotel was the small budget available, combined with a fairly high sales target, resulting in a target RoAS of 15 (vs 12 last year).

In order to achieve this target we proceeded to:

SEO Audit of the site in order to improve its organic rank in search results and reduce the required spending on search campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics using Pop Ups and other means in order to get the maximum value from the website traffic


  • Enable Enhanced Conversions & Consent Mode
  • Import GA Conversions & GA4 Audiences via GA4 Migrator
  • Performance Max for Travel Campaign on Google, with Value based bidding.
  • Search Campaign with simultaneous creation of two Shared Budgets, one for new markets and one for the cluster of loyal countries, in order to create cost efficiencies through Google’s machine learning. Both campaign groups had value based bidding with portfolio bid strategy and targeting tailored to each group.

Social Media

  • Collaborations with Mega Influencers from countries belonging to the cluster of new markets (celebrities and travel bloggers), with reciprocal benefits and minimum marketing spent. Use of content for Branded Content Campaigns targeting markets where creators have a high impact.
  • Advantage + Campaign at META with footage of hotel photography in the form of Dynamic Creative, but also with branded content, targeting loyal cluster countries.
  • Tik Tok organic content in partnership with creators to boost awareness and desirability.


The results of the campaign were impressive, as Port Royal overachieved both communication and business objectives with the smallest possible media budget.

Specifically, in the campaign goals we had:

  • +63% YoY in organic site traffic
  • +25% YoY in bookings with a shift of bookings to January – March from April
  • +67% YoY Revenue
  • RoAS: 17.24 (+43.6% YoY)
  • Website Conversion Rate: 0.24% (+9.2% YoY)

In terms of business objectives we had:

  • > 21% of bookings from the new markets cluster
  • > 73% occupancy for the high season until the end of April
  • +240% YoY of website contribution to total bookings