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Sun Beach Reasort

Crushing Limits, Amplifying Results: How Sun Beach Resort managed with Minimum Budget +375% YoY Revenue


Harmony Resorts – Sun Beach is a group of hotels in Rhodes that are renowned for their excellent quality of service, prime beachfront locations and modern infrastructure. Since the establishment of the group’s first hotel in 1984, Harmony Resorts has achieved more than what could be expected, and has been widely recognized by its travel partners with thousands of repeat guests.

The most important challenges of the digital campaign for Sun Beach Resort were:

  • The rebranding of the hotel, as in previous years it had become established in the market as one of the best 4* resorts in Rhodes, however, due to a recent renovation with adults-only additions, the team wanted to invest in changing the perception in order to attract couples.
  • Shifting bookings from OTA’s (booking, expedia etc.) to the hotel site in order to increase POI
  • The reduced budget by 40% compared to the previous year, without reducing the revenue target.

The target countries for the campaign were:

  • Loyal Customers & Repeaters: UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Switzerland
  • New Markets: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Belgium, Luxembourg

Based on the above objectives, an integrated digital 6-month client plan (November – April) was created, with campaigns on META, Tik Tok and Google.

The KPI targets for the campaign were:

  • ROAS > 24
  • > 20% of bookings from the cluster of new markets
  • > 60% occupancy for the high season until the end of April
  • +140% YoY of website contribution to total bookings
  • +80% YoY in bookings from couples


The innovation of the campaign was based on the use of dedicated performance products for hotels in META & Google, but also on the effective segmentation of target countries, creating budget efficiencies.


At the start of the campaign, we completed the migration to GA4, and then imported all GA4 Conversions and Audiences into Google Ads, adjusting our bids accordingly. At the same time, we enabled Enhanced Conversions Measurement combined with Data Driven Attribution, based on Google’s best practices. Finally, paying due attention to the privacy part, we enabled Google Consent Mode and the corresponding Google Signals for Data Collection via GA4, after we had made the necessary changes to the Terms of Use.

We then created two groups of Search Campaigns with broad keywords and automated bidding strategy, with primary conversions being those we had imported from GA4. Each group targeted a specific cluster of countries with a shared budget and portfolio bidding strategy, in order to optimize the budget allocation process between countries. In addition, for the cluster of new markets we also activated the “optimize for acquiring new customers” function.

In addition, to further strengthen our client’s mid and bottom funnel, we also used Google’s new product Performance Max for Travel, which in an automated way, targets users who are actively searching on google for hotels like our client.


For META in cooperation with the third party app that exists on our sites for booking management we created CAPI for all hotels. We then created additional Conversion Campaigns and Advantage+ Campaigns with a prospecting/remarketing targeting ratio of 70%-30%.

Tik Tok

Finally, to attract couples, on Tik Tok we ran Reach Ads, using the platform’s advanced segmentation tool to find audiences with high or medium income, and interests around Luxury Hotels.


The results of the campaign were impressive, as Sun Beach Resort with -40% reduced budget overachieved both communication and business objectives.

A key pillar of the campaign’s success was the effective use of performance tools, which successfully fed the algorithms, creating media efficiencies.

Specifically, in the campaign goals we had:

  • +100% YoY in organic site traffic
  • +375% YoY Revenue
  • RoAS: 32.6 (+35% of target)

On the business objectives we had:

  • >26% of bookings from the cluster of new markets
  • > 67% occupancy for the high season until the end of April
  • +184% YoY of website contribution to total bookings
  • +112% YoY in bookings from couples