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A Hotel Mykonos

Transforming the Hospitality Industry with Performance Max for travel


A Hotel Mykonos is a boutique hotel featuring elegant architectural design and modern facilities that offer guests a sophisticated stay in Mykonos. The hotel stands out for its distinctive appearance and aesthetics, as it ensures a variety of amenities in a carefully designed environment that satisfies even the most discerning travelers.

The main objectives of the digital campaign for A Hotel were:

  1. To shift bookings from OTA’s (booking, expedia etc.) to the hotel’s site in order to increase POI
  2. The brand awareness of the hotel & Mykonos, in order to attract high income visitors from new markets (e.g. Australia)
  3. The reduction of last minute bookings, which due to conditions and audience were several last year and shifting them to the Early Bird Period.

The target countries for the campaign were:

  • Loyal Customers & Repeaters: UK, Italy, France, Germany,
  • New Markets: Ireland, Australia, Israel, USA, Ireland, Australia, Israel, USA.

Based on the above objectives, an integrated digital 6-month plan was created for the client (November – April), with campaigns on META, Tik Tok and Google.

The Targets KPIs for the campaign were:

  • ROAS > 17
  • > 10% of bookings from the cluster of new markets
  • > 60% occupancy for the high season until the end of April
  • +120% YoY of website contribution to total bookings


In order to achieve the demanding goal we had set, we included Performance Max in our plan. Having set up Google Analytics 4 from the previous year, we imported all GA4 Conversions and Audiences using the “GA4 Migrator for Google Analytics” into Google Ads and adjusted our bids accordingly. At the same time, we enabled Enhanced Conversions Measurement combined with Data Driven Attribution. Although Performance Max was initially set up with a simplified structure, the results were very promising.

So, once Performance Max for travel went into Open Beta and in collaboration with the Google Account Managers of the account, we used GA4 Conversions and proceeded to set up with a value based bidding strategy for Loyal markets and Target CPA Bidding for new markets.

In addition, we proceeded to import the Customer List. In conjunction with Purchasers (GA4), we defined the audience we consider existing customers and in the campaign targeting new markets we activated the “Optimise campaign for acquiring new customers” option.

On the creative side, we used a plethora of static images in all 3 dimensions. We also added YouTube Videos to the campaign in both landscape and short dimension. When creating our campaign, we also enabled URL Expansion in order for the algorithm to replace the homepage with whatever landing page on the website we deemed most appropriate.

Finally, for each of our campaigns we created audience signals tailored for each shopping cluster, which consisted of:

  • RMKT Audiences
  • In Market Audiences (Trips to Greece etc.)
  • Affinity Audiences (Luxury Travelers etc.)
  • Custom Intent (keywords from generic search campaigns and keywords related to competition)
  • Custom Affinity (Apps: Tripadvisor, Booking etc.)


The results of both Performance Max for Travel and the overall early bird campaign for A Hotel were impressive.

Specifically, Performance Max for Travel compared to standard performance max, resulted in:

  • +70% Conversion Rate
  • -23% CPC
  • -48% CPA

Finally, on the Business objectives of our campaign, we had:

  • Reservations: +260% YoY
  • ROAS > 24.2 (+43% of target)
  • 18% of bookings from the new markets cluster, namely 12% from Australia, 3% from Ireland and 3% from the US
  • Occupancy for May-September exceeded 70% by the end of April
  • The well-orchestrated media plan combined with the Conversion Rate Optimization tactics implemented on the website led to a 274% YoY increase in website contribution to total bookings