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Lindos Hotels

Unlocking Growth Potential with Performance Max for Travel


Lindos Hotels is a luxury Brand, one of the leaders in the hotel industry, which has under its umbrella 5 5* Resorts, located in the southern part of Rhodes, offering top quality holiday experiences to thousands of travellers for many decades.

Given that all Lindos Hotels are located in Rhodes, our main focus was to undertake detailed audience mapping so that each hotel could target a specific region, reducing overlap and increasing media efficiency.

Based on our segmentation, we created content so that each hotel through its website can position itself in UPSs and services that make it stand out. Complementing our media campaigns, we implemented SEO Tactics to move bookings from tour operators and partner platforms to our website.

Campaign Objectives:

  • ROAS > 12
  • > 50% of bookings to come from the website
  • > 70% occupancy by the end of May


In order to achieve the challenging goal that was set and in communication with our Google Account Managers, we decide to include Performance Max For Travel in our plan.

Having set up Google Analytics 4 from the previous year, we imported all GA4 Conversions and Audiences into Google Ads and adjusted our bids accordingly. At the same time, we enabled Enhanced Conversions Measurement combined with Data Driven Attribution, based on Google’s best practices.

So, once Performance Max for travel went into Open Beta, we used our GA4 Conversions and proceeded to set up with a value based bidding strategy. In addition, based on the mapping we had done during the planning period, we adjusted the audience signals for each hotel, using affinity, in-market, remarketing and custom audiences. Indicative keywords for the custom audiences were the hotels of the competition, the keywords of the generic search campaigns and applications like Trip Advisor.

Also, apart from the import of the Purchasers (GA4) we proceeded to import the Customer List . These were the two common ones that we set as existing customers, since we activated for Performance Max the function “Optimise campaign for acquiring new customers”.

On the creative side, we had for all hotels a plethora of static images in all 3 dimensions. Still, we added YouTube Videos to the campaign in both landscape and short dimension. When creating our campaign, we also enabled URL Expansion so that the algorithm could replace the homepage with whatever landing page on the website we deemed most appropriate.

Finally, before we scaled the campaign to all hotels we conducted an Experiment for Lindos Royal, having all target countries in one campaign and letting the algorithm automatically do the budget allocation and having a separate campaign for each target country with local language adapted wording.


The results of the experiment proved to be very useful in defining our subsequent Performance Max strategy. In particular, it turned out that grouping campaigns under one campaign, with broad targeting and value based bidding, is much more efficient as Google’s machine learning automatically allocates the budget to the targeting countries, significantly reducing the CPA.

With this in mind, we scaled Performance Max for Travel to the other hotels, applying the same strategy and doing continuous optimization every time the algorithm “hit” the RoAS target we had set.

Overall, the results of the campaign for Lindos Hotels were excellent, as already by mid-May the hotel occupancy reached an average of 80%. Especially for Performance Max, the results in terms of CPA exceeded our expectations, as it turned out that this type of campaign was the next most efficient after Branded Search.

Performance Max for Travel CPA
Lindos Village: €1.54
Lindos Imperial: €0.74
Lindos Royal: €1.44
Lindos Grand: €1.31
Gennadi Grand: €1.43

Lindos Village: 8.44
Lindos Imperial: 32.7
Lindos Royal: 11.24
Lindos Grand: 19.4
Gennadi Grand: 13.21

Total RoAS: 17.4 (+45% from target)